Generating a new global trend

We aim to generate a new global trend in human development with Torp Upgrades. Not by dishing out empty promises, but via decisive action. Everyone on our team has been handpicked and is dedicated to supporting others, as well as being driven to excel. Therefore, it’s our job to upgrade ourselves on a daily basis, so we can maximize our performance with you.

Helping people in all fields

Whether your project is personal, associated with business, sports or the arts, or involves getting more meaning and enjoyment out of your life, we can increase your development at an exponential rate. The results, effects and speed are monitored at all times, with continual tracking of both our own progress and yours. We can upgrade you anywhere in the world.

“I really want to introduce people to the magic zone. When they’re in a state where their feelings are so strong, and they feel so content, that they’re able to visualize and do things beyond their wildest imagination. That’s what drives me.”

– Svein Torp, CEO