Design your upgrade

Customized to suit your needs

Torp Upgrades are customized to suit your needs and preferences. Once you’ve booked a meeting with us, we can discuss what your goals are and what kind of end result you’re looking to achieve.

Planning a project together

To help make things even clearer, and so you can test the quality and speed of our product, we give you a preliminary upgrade. Then together we start planning a project. After that, you’ll receive an offer and a contract from us, where you can decide whether to press ahead or not.

Upgrades anywhere in the world

We can upgrade you anywhere in the world. For more intensive upgrades with faster results, we can organize a series of camps in whatever location or facilities you feel most inspired in. We can also factor in exciting leisure pursuits to make the whole experience extra special. At the end of the upgrades, we celebrate your development and the results.