TORP Upgrades

Torp Upgrades is a Norwegian company specializing in bespoke human upgrades.

Us humans possess, without doubt, the most remarkable machinery on earth.

We can destroy or create magic and wonders, depending on how we master our potential.

Motivated by the lack of progress in many of today’s areas of human development, and inspired by high-tech programs that upgrade cars, computers and phones, we started pioneering a method for developing people in a smarter, more powerful and effective way.

Here’s what makes Torp Upgrades unique:

  • A new physical and mental treatment that helps people be more adaptive
  • A new concept for developing capacity and skills at unparalleled speed
  • A new strategy with customized programs for the complete tracking and securing of all effects and results

We’ve spent over 20 years disrupting and fine-tuning human development and continuously strive to be the leading authority in our field.