TORP Upgrades

How it all came about

Our top seven strengths are:

  • We simplify the human development process
  • We know how to accelerate your development effectively
  • We help you gain razor-sharp focus through physical action
  • We plan, develop and implement your capacity and skills
  • We help you convert defensive energy into offensive energy
  • We help you solve issues you're struggling to overcome
  • We locate and work on the root cause of any problems you may have

How our human upgrades benefit you:

  • They create value much faster
  • They help you reach new levels of performance
  • They enable you to control your own development
  • We provide a strategic analysis of your business, sport or personal life
  • They’re part of a program that secures effects and results
  • You get a contract that guarantees commitment and results
  • You get regular evaluations to ensure your upgrades are on track
  • You gain more energy, focus, clarity, inner peace and contentment

How it all came about

I first planted the seed for Torp Upgrades when I came across a book on human development in my parents' library at the farm in Norway, where I grew up. I was intrigued by the idea that you could improve people's physical and mental capacity through various hands-on techniques.

With insight from the book combined with my innate drive for competition and performance, I delved deep into studying how humans' function and evolve. I wanted to find the essential factors that impact our lives and how best to influence them to more rapidly enhance people's development. Searching for answers took me all over the world.

During the years I travelled, I absorbed as much information as I could on human development. I discovered that the majority of humans aren't aware that they possess the most advanced machinery on earth, and much less how to upgrade its functionality.

I also learned that many people had phycological, emotional and physical issues that made them less adaptive to different development techniques. I realized a core issue was people's lack of ability to convert knowledge into strategic action that could dramatically increase their capacity and skills, leading to improved results. Three root causes prevented this:

Problem 1

Most people are affected by a mixture of mental and physical challenges that make them less responsive to different development techniques.

Example 1

A restless mind and stress prevent people from being mentally responsive.

Example 2

Physical injuries, heavy musculature and too much lactic acid in the muscles prevent people from being physically responsive.

The solution

Through our method, we first release the physical and mental tension you’re feeling before helping you focus more clearly and get into excellent physical shape. Once there, we can start developing your capacity and skills.

Problem 2

Usually, human development happens through trial and error, so the progress of people’s capacity and skills takes a long time.

Example 1

When people practice and repeat things over and over again, for example, free throws in basketball, the speed of their development doesn’t happen quick enough.

Example 2

The world is full of great theoretical info and knowledge, but often, people can’t convert that knowledge into positive action that increases their capacity and skills.

The solution

Through our method, we help you rapidly develop your capacity and skills.

Problem 3

In general, most approaches to human development are vague, with no control over the effects and results.


People want to improve and develop themselves, but usually get stuck, asking questions such as, “Where am I?”, “Where do I want to end up?”, “How do I get there?” and “How do I improve myself in a way that I feel works best for me?”

The solution

Through our method, we tailor-design a simplified program for you – similar to car tuning concepts. Once you’ve ordered your upgrade, we do a thorough analysis before giving you a price for the project.

Creating a new strategy for human development

Most approaches to human development seemed vague and speculative to me, with no actual method for measuring the effects based on results. It was apparent that what was needed was a more structured, systematic process of evaluation. So, by tracking what I was practicing more precisely and monitoring how it affected people's progress towards their goals, I was able to assess the impact more clearly.

In addition, drawing on my background from mixed martial arts fighting, I applied the type of focus, simplicity in goal orientation, and decisive action necessary to everything I was seeing and learning.

Armed with this newfound understanding, I established Torp Upgrades, determined to think different and create an entirely new strategy for human development. I initially specialized in physical therapy and mental focus treatment, while in parallel, designing and testing my own approach and method for speeding up people's development. This tactic would soon transform my business and ability to help people.

The two questions that linger most in my mind, and that became embedded in the fabric of the company are "What's the most radical scenario I can create right now?". And "What can I do, that's never been done before?"

Torp Upgrades’ team philosophy and culture

All of us on Torp Upgrades team aspire to be the very best at what we do and exert the same diligent approach to our personal development as that of our clients. Everyone is striving to achieve something off the charts and aims to astound people by getting remarkable results.

Continuous learning and assessing all aspects of human upgrades, what works, what doesn't, and why, then analysing, refining and implementing better solutions is what powers our company culture.

Repeatedly upgrading myself, enjoying the transformation, and helping others quickly get better, solve issues and reaching goals faster is what drives me. I also like integrating lots of playful activities into our upgrades' projects so that they're not only fun but rewarding.

I think having ultimate control over yourself and your development is the most exciting and valuable thing you can accomplish. If you have the ambition, energy and will to improve, and apply Torp Upgrades’ tools, you can achieve anything.

Svein Torp, Founder & CEO, Torp Upgrades