TORP Upgrades

Daniel Grindeland

The rough diamond of breakdance

Daniel Grindeland is a Norwegian breakdancer, so full of energy and with a giant potential. We have been working together upgrading his game - on and off the dancefloor. Great potential, fast results.

He was that child. That kid who could never sit still in the classroom, so full of energy that the energy backfired and completely lost its strength. Because that is the sad truth about what happens when you have a superpower, but no clue how to utilize it.

For many kids the story ends in misery, because their ADHD make daily life unbearable,

like trying to keep a lid tight on a boiling pot.

Luckily, Daniel Grindeland found something that saved him. He discovered dancing. He suddenly realized how he could allocate all the bubbling energy in his body and his mind into something really good.

Fast forward ten years. Daniel was by then a well known breakdancer in Norway, and he had new goals. He wanted to be one of the top breakdancers in the world. His dream was to create new moves nobody had seen before.

This is where Daniel’s journey with TORP Upgrades started, and where he started to learn the art of deep visualization. Visualizing on a whole new level. He learnt how to get into the state of mind he has on stage when doing an extraordinary performance, without actually being on stage. It is all in his head.

This is what we call the ‘flow zone’.

Being in the flow zone is basically the art of getting in touch with the feeling you have during extreme performances, in order to mentally practise how to make the most of it.
It is the state of mind where we as humans are on our most creative and responsive selves.

It is all about practicing being on top and nailing a performance, but inside your head.
A high-end mental work out.

Daniel happened to be very adaptive, so his progress was both fast-paced and huge. He saw improvements already early on in the process as he visualized and invented brand new dance moves. He experienced an improvement pace he had never seen before, and reached goals he never thought he would.

Daniel went from being a really good breakdancer to being an extraordinary one.

A dancer who blows minds on stage.

“All roads lead to Rome”, someone said. We believe that is true. There are definitely more than one way to success. We just happened to have found one we think is amazing.

That is why we want to share some of our stories - together with our clients - with you.

Thank you for letting us being a part of your impressive journey @ Daniel Grindeland

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