TORP Upgrades

Emilio Pettersen

The Ice Prince

Some people are born with unique skills.

A talent bigger than they are able to fully understand themselves, unless they find a way to discover and unpack it in the best possible way.

The Norwegian US-based ice hockey player Mathias Emilio Pettersen is one of these unique talents.

We met Emilio when he had finished a promising season scoring 17 points as a 17 year old in the United States Hockey League (USHL). This kid had talent, for sure.

Understanding at a deeper level

We asked Emilio about his goal for the next season, and he said 25 points. He said it would be a challenge in itself competing on a higher level that season, with older and more experienced players. He wanted to understand the game at a deeper level, improve the speed on the ice and nail the blind passes.

When we started our Upgrade process with Emilio, we saw that he was extremely adaptive.

We started working with the visualization and getting into flow zone “off field”, and Emilio was extremely adaptive. Amazed by how fast he caught it, we knew we could make big improvements in a short period of time. He was very surprised when he got to experience the impact of the powerful Flow Zone.

The next step was to challenge his goal, make him dare to go bigger. As he saw huge progress already from the start, he settled for scoring 40 points that season.

After two months, he was ready for the new season, and he literally KILLED it.

Emilio scored unbelievably 46 points.

“I invested some time with the TORP Upgrades team, and it made a major difference for me in terms of performance. It changed my views and perspective of hockey and got me places I never could have found on my own. The teamwork we did together got me exactly where I wanted to be.

We are thrilled to collaborate with you and see you grow, Emilio!

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