TORP Upgrades


The real rocket man

Imagine being able to fly and experiencing the most beautiful sights with a bird's-eye view. That's exactly what Jetman did.

“Seeing birds fly as a kid, I was always thinking how cool it must be to fly like them. I guess many people have this dream; to fly like a bird”.

A chilly summer day in 2015 we, Svein and Tommy from TORP Upgrades, were standing on the cliff of a mountain in Geiranger. Our hands were shaking, and our bodies were filled with adrenaline, excitement and fear.

Would our new friend and client, Jetman, manage the world’s first human take-off from the ground?

From Dream to Reality

Frédéric ‘Fred’ Fugen and his partner Vincent ‘Vince’ Reffet are considered pioneers of modern parachuting. As the duo ‘The Soul Flyers’ the two of them have explored the world of skydiving and set several European and world records.

When we met Fred and Vince in 2015, they were about to turn their dream into reality;

they were going to do the first take-off with jet wings from the ground ever. They had spent endless hours during the last two years planning and preparing for the first take off. But it was still a huge risk – obviously.

“I did the SDB (Mental Upgrade Technics) the day before we took off. I wanted to enhance and upgrade my focus and concentration to get that finishing touch. I had already pictured how to manage the flight, but the session with TORP prepared my confidence and made my focus crystal clear”.

Back to the mountain in Geiranger, we held our breath while Jetman took off. Those extremely nerve-wracking moments and the mind-blowing excitement when everything worked out, is something we will never forget – ever.

Thank you Jetman for letting us be a small part of your amazing project!

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